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Bring dull, tarnished metal back to its original shine and keep it that way. Metal Maintenance has 27 years of expertise in architectural conservation, metal restoration, and building maintenance solutions. We are the go-to metal restoration specialists.

restore tarnished, smudged metal surfaces to a polished shine

Aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. Doors, elevators, stairs, hand rails, and structural assets. METAL MAINTENANCE gives new life to old metal down to the last detail of your property. And we apply specialized coatings to keep that metal shiny and fingerprint-free.


Time, wear and tear, harsh cleaning products, abrasive scrubbies, oxidation, salt, chemicals—even urine—take a toll on stainless steel (brushed or high gloss), cast bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, nickel, and chrome surfaces.

It’s time to restore your metal assets and protect them from future mayhem. Our products add longevity to the finish and make future maintenance easy and eco-friendly.


We have trade secrets, and we protect them. But the science is pretty amazing, so we like to share some of the genius behind how we bring metal surfaces back to life—and how we keep them that way. 

Beyond cleaning

Step one is cleaning—with proper metal cleaners. This is no simple task. Years of build up and harsh chemicals can darken and pit metal. Maintenance staff who scrub against the grain cause scratches and harm a brushed surface. This requires repair. 


Metal Maintenance’s patented detergents, degreasers, and cleaners remove fingerprints and smudges.


Fixing a stain often means breaking down the original damaged surface, penetrating deep enough to access and lift stains.


Repairs are made to damaged areas (pitting, scratches, dings, gouges, scrapes) not readily restored during standard processes.


The shine of the substrate is brought back to like-new.

Lipophobic + hydrophobic

Our products are non-porous. They guard surfaces, preventing absorption of water (hydrophobic) as well as oils and organic solvents from fingerprints and everyday environmental exposure (lipophobic: resists soiling). 

What materials do we protect?
  • Stainless steel (raw, painted, powder coated, brushed)
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
Non porous and porous

Surfaces are not the same. Depending on the substrate, the approach requires a different science: 


  • One application
  • minor surface penetration
  • microscopically self-levelling
  • dries to touch in one hour
  • cures in seven days
  • chemically and physically resistant
  • transparent


  • polymer coatings absorb to a minimum of 10mm
  • polymers fill the gaps molecularly, enveloping particles, bonding chemically
  • lipophobic: Resists fats and oils
  • hydrophobic: Resists water
  • dry 1-3 hours
  • cures in 48 hours
  • practically invisible
Environmental and building wellness

Leeds and Well

Environmental waste and healthy buildings mean a lot to happy/healthy tenant retention.

Revitalization means LESS:

  • building disruption
  • material replacement
  • energy consumed
  • dust and dirt
What metal assets can be revitalized?

Interior assets

  • elevators
  • handrails
  • polished columns
  • escalators
  • doors (kick plates, slabs, and frames)
  • walls
  • reflective aluminum mullions
  • flashings
  • stainless steel bathroom stalls, shelves, and toilets
  • revolving doors
  • metal canopies
  • focal points
  • metal signage
  • abstract metal art
Metal Maintenance protective coating

Build up and stains are cleaned, pits and scratches are repaired, and dark tarnish is corrected. Now it’s time to protect the surface from the elements that caused the damage in the first place. This is done by using a polymer coating that absorbs to at minimum 10mm, filling the gaps in porous and non-porous surfaces at a molecular level. 

Polymers are resistant to:

  • mold and mildew
  • water
  • corrosion
  • UV rays
  • fingerprints
  • soiling
Why is Metal Maintenance better than the competition?

Chemicals break down an unprotected surface over time. Improper cleaning is often to blame. And fingerprints are the bane of metal surfaces everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent fingerprints from marring the shiny metal surface? 

Metal Maintenance cleaning process

  • Cleaning metal properly isn’t easy, even the wrong cleaning technique can further harm the surface
  • Removing damage like scratches and abrasions is an art
  • Re-brushing or re-polishing the surface back to original takes time and professional care

Metal Maintenance polymer coating protection:

  • Reduces overall maintenance on easily marked surfaces
  • It may not be for every surface in your location.
  • lasts longer
  • provides much more protection
    Why go with Metal Maintenance?

    We are a full-service provider: We clean, repair, and protect. Other companies focus on one of these stages. With Metal Maintenance, you hire one team to accomplish the big picture goal. Here are some benefits: 

    • cleaning is easier
    • less intrusive to tenants
    • less costly than replacement
    • long lasting results
    • substrate is improved – ie. anodized
    • fingerprint smudges are reduced on metal surfaces. 

    The biggest benefit; however, is saving money. Your problem is solved, it will be for years, and you’ve spent your dollars wisely. 


    putting the shine back on metal surfaces and protecting them

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    We get pretty excited when it comes to metal restoration. Since 1992, we’ve taken great pride in our work, innovating the industry, and leading the field.

    From the science of metal conservation heading into a project, to the elbow grease applied in the cleaning stage, to the almost 30 years of experience behind our architectural and historical metal restoration expertise.

    We take dull surfaces and make them brilliant.

    We think that’s brilliant.

    Reviving dull, SMUDGED metal surfaces ’til they shine—and making sure they stay that way.

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    Tired of smudged, tarnished metal? Metal Maintenance Inc. is Toronto’s metal restoration specialist, cleaning and conserving polished and brushed metal surfaces on the interior and exterior of commercial and historical buildings.

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